About us

Welcome to Pree Cosmetics, your source for name branded, high quality cosmetics, skincare, makeup brushes, hair tools, sunglasses, reading glasses, and fun gifts! 


Pree Cosmetics was founded in 2007, based in Dallas, TX.  We currently have over 13 manufacturers here in the USA that can successfully create unique products for every market in the USA and International markets.  We have the ability to provide the highest of standard in quality with our manufacturers to supply you with the best quality available.


Our clients are located Worldwide, which includes Internationally recognized prestigious retailers, independent spas and beauty salons, professional makeup artists, and boutiques.  At Pree Cosmetics, our goal is to provide beauty professionals and individuals with unique, stylish, and fun trend setting products.  From private label cosmetics, branded skincare, makeup brushes, hair straighteners and tools, glasses and gifts; we have the products you need, the quality you expect and the look that matches your style.


Our makeup and skincare manufacturers use state of the art equipment for product filling, lipstick molding, tube filling, and powder pressing.  The products manufactured are done so in accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) and follow the recommendations of the FDA and are set up in accordance with PCPC Quality Assurance Guidelines. None of our products are tested on animals.


For wholesale inquiry or questions, email us at info@mypree.com or call 972-885-9821.